When should you hire JBC Wealth Advisors?

You want to work with JBC Wealth Advisors, LLC when you’re successful in your business or career and are an active “enjoyer” of life. Because you put a high value on your time you understand your time is better spent doing what you do best.

You likely have existing relationships with a good group of advisors. Through these relationships you have done a lot of good planning with your team. However, for some reason your financial life never feels fully complete.

What you’re missing is the advisor who puts it all together to arm you with the information and considerations you need to continue creating the life you desire.

Comprehensive financial planning is what we excel at. We know you are busy. We know you do not have the time, knowledge, or inclination to do it yourself, which is why you hire a firm like JBC Wealth Advisors, LLC. It’s our experience that you will find tremendous value when consulting with our firm for a full economic analysis of your personal finances.

JBC Wealth Advisors can be your trusted financial advisor.

Why should you work with JBC Wealth Advisors?

When creating JBC Wealth Advisors it was important to us to create a business model we would want our family to work with. Because of that we are a fee-for-service wealth advisor who will NEVER receive commissions, referral fees, or other hidden costs.

Our comprehensive financial plans provide the economic analysis needed to keep more of what you’ve earned. A popular planning tool we utilize is the completion of a tax bracket analysis, which provides us the necessary information to take advantage of tax arbitrage situations. Examples of tax planning includes:

  • Tax efficient investment planning
  • Reducing Income Tax through charitable giving
  • Tax efficient strategies for IRA and qualified plan distribution
  • Asset transfer techniques that focus on tax reductions
  • Using lower tax brackets to leverage personal needs

Our tax focused approach is driven by our realization that it isn’t what you earn that counts, but what you keep after taxes. This focus has a much different impact on your wealth than a pure tax reduction focus.

A result of our comprehensive plan you will have the information you need to avoid the next bad financial decision as well as position you to capitalize on great financial opportunities.

Does JBC Wealth Advisors prepare tax returns?

JBC Wealth Advisors does not prepare tax returns. We will happily refer you to our affiliate Johnson Block and Company, Inc. to help you with your tax, audit, consulting, technology, and accounting needs.

Will JBC Wealth Advisors only work with me if I’m local to Madison, WI?

While JBC Wealth Advisors is headquartered in Madison, WI our technology suite allows us to work with you wherever you want to be.

We also have physical offices available in Mineral Point and LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

How is JBC Wealth Advisors compensated?

We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor. We do not receive any commissions, hidden fees, or referral fees. You will always know what we are compensated. Click here to see our ADV Part 2A for more details.

To see our financial planning and investment management compensation please click here.

Does JBC Wealth Advisors provide investment management?

JBC Wealth Advisors provides investment management as well as investment advice.

We use a third party asset management company to execute trades for clients who prefer us to manage their assets.

If you choose not to have JBC Wealth Advisors manage your assets, we are able to work with you anyway. Certain clients prefer a more hands on approach to investment management, which keeps their money in Vanguard, Charles Schwab, or Fidelity. In these situations, clients look to us for a second opinion or to validate their actions.

Alternatively, you may choose to work with a different investment manager. In that case, we will provide the tax and financial planning needed to help you maximize your wealth while your trusted investment manager oversees your funds.

Why doesn’t JBC Wealth Advisors keep investment management in house?

By using a third party money manager to execute trades on your behalf we free up our time to focus on you. We believe the greatest value we can provide is found outside of the time consuming aspects of fund trading.

If I utilize JBC Wealth Advisors for investment management, what investment philosophy is used?

Our investment philosophy is firmly grounded in academic research by leading financial economists, including many Nobel laureates.

We don’t try to beat the market by picking hot stocks, weighting certain sectors, or market timing.

We seek to deliver the highest expected risk-adjusted return through diversified, low-cost, tax-efficient funds.

When can we meet?

You can schedule your free one hour All About You Meeting by clicking here!