Why you should contribute to a Roth account

Roth IRA Contribution

When it comes to saving the question of “where should I save my money” is a popular and important question. Typically the showdown of best account is between the Roth and Pre-Tax (traditional) accounts. While each account has its merits and if you still aren’t sure after reading this plus don’t want to seek professional . . . 

4 Steps to Reach your Retirement Savings Goal

retirement planning savings strategies

I received a lot of push-back after publishing the article on Sound Financial Planning | How much do I need to save?. Saving 15% consistently is considered an impossible task by many. In fact, there are some feelings that by saving that that much for retirement you would be sacrificing lifestyle now for something you . . . 

Sound Financial Planning | How much do I need to save?

how much do i need to save for retirement

Previously, we reviewed how to calculate your safe withdrawal rate for retirement planning. On the flip side of the equation is understanding how much you need to save to provide you with that safe amount to withdraw so that you can live the life you desire. When it comes to the rule of thumb for . . . 

Retirement Planning Rule of Thumb

Retirement planning 4% rule

When I meet prospects for the first time they are often looking for a tangible plan of action to help them with their questions. A tangible plan of action from a getting to know you meeting is essentially another phrase for a basic rule of thumb. When it comes to retirement planning the rule of . . .